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Hackensack Guardianship Proceedings Lawyer

There are times when the people we love need someone there to look after them. For example, as parents grow older, medical conditions such as Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia can make it impossible for them to make decisions regarding important issues like medical care and financial affairs.

It is critical that someone be able to take action on the behalf of those who can no longer care for their own affairs. Being named as a guardian will allow you to assume that role and provide your loved one with the caring guidance they need for their affairs.

Being named as a guardian can be fairly straightforward if no one contests your being named to that role. The process involves:

  • Application to the court
  • Reports from two physicians verifying incapacity
  • An account of the estate

Having an attorney by your side as you pursue appointment as a guardian can help ensure that the necessary information is provided to persuade the court that your petition is valid, that your loved one really needs the protection of a guardian, and that you should be appointed the guardian.

Four Decades of Providing the Highest Caliber of Legal Representation

At Mike Lubin Law, attorney Mike Lubin is committed to helping individuals secure the legal status they need to be able to truly help their incapacitated loved ones. Mike can help you understand the process and what is needed for the court to appoint you as guardian. For more than 40 years Mike Lubin has been providing the exceptional representation his clients need during challenging times. Mike has been certified by the Supreme Court of New Jersey as a Civil Trial Attorney since 1982 and has consistently received an AV* Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell. Mike has the skills and experience necessary to help you.

Contested Guardianships

In situations where more than one individual is seeking the role of guardian, the court will look to which person has a history of serving the needs of the incapacitated person, among other factors, to determine who will be best suited to serve as a guardian.

Contact Bergen County Contested Guardianship Attorney Mike Lubin of Mike Lubin Law in Hackensack

If you have a loved one who can no longer make key decisions for him or herself, you need to take action. Attorney Mike Lubin can help you effectively face such issues and secure appointment as guardian for your incapacitated loved one. To schedule a free initial consultation with Hackensack guardianship proceedings attorney Mike Lubin, call 201-212-4709 or contact Mike Lubin Law via e-mail.

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