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Case Examples

• Represented a widower in a wrongful death case and obtained a settlement for the benefit of the decedent's heirs in the amount of $950,000;

• Represented a passenger in an automobile accident who sustained multiple injuries and obtained a jury verdict in the amount of $460,000;

• Represented a 50 % shareholder in a corporate dispute who was a victim of fraud by her fellow shareholder and obtained a Court decision in her favor in the amount of $600,000, including an award of attorney's fees;

• Represented a physician in the break-up of a medical partnership and achieved a settlement for her in the amount of $500,000;

• Represented a victim of medical malpractice in a case involving the misdiagnosis of breast cancer and obtained a jury verdict in the amount of $400,000;

• Represented a national spokesperson for a multi-level marketing company in a lawsuit involving termination of her services and achieved a high, six figure settlement;

• Represented a woman whose sister had committed undue influence in getting their mother to execute a will in the sister's favor and negotiated a settlement resulting in an equal distribution of the estate assets;

• Represented two brothers in a suit against another brother who had wrongfully induced their mother to execute a deed in his favor to a valuable family owned marina business and property

• Represented a national news anchor journalist in a case involving a breach of real estate contract and obtained a settlement enforcing the contract;

• Represented a young woman who was the victim of hospital malpractice and obtained a settlement for her in the amount of $250,000;

• Represented the son of an elderly woman who, while mentally incapacitated, became the victim of undue influence by her grandson and who signed a deed conveying her house to him. The case was tried to verdict which resulted in a complete invalidation of the transfer;

• Represented a shareholder in a real estate venture who was defrauded by his partner, which case resulted in a settlement conveying the property to the client;

• Represented a burn victim in a case involving a defectively designed barbecue grill, which resulted in a settlement in the amount of $250,000;

• Represented a property owner who challenged the illegal expansion of facility by a major international corporation, which resulted in a settlement requiring the corporation to purchase the client's home at a price significantly over market value;

• Served as a Court appointed administrator of a complex estate where the decedent had been a murder victim and resolved issues between the decedent's heirs;

• Represented the niece of an incapacitated woman in a contested guardianship proceeding and, during the trial, succeeded in obtaining a major national bank to serve as her fiduciary in the place of two individuals who had made risky investments at significant losses;

• Represented a retired police captain in a lawsuit against his former attorney where such attorney had misappropriated $250,000 of the captain's retirement fund that she was holding in her attorneys' trust account. At the conclusion of trial, the Judge entered a judgment in favor of the client in the amount of $800,000 including compensatory damages, punitive damages, attorneys' fees and costs. Also represented the client on appeal where the verdict was affirmed in full by the higher court;

• Represented an nationally known television personality and his wife in an action against a builder / developer whose development threatened to block the clients' view of the Hudson River. The matter resulted in a settlement wherein the builder agreed to scale back the construction to address the clients' concerns;

• In two, separate cases, represented a religious congregation in defeating an attempt by an outside group to take over control of the organization

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